epic axes

Axe Throwing is about to get EPIC!

If you have tried axe-throwing before, you know that this exhilarating experience is fun, social, and highly addictive. If you have
never tried axe-throwing, come to Epic Fun – we would be happy to introduce you to the MOST fun group activity in Austin.


Q. How much does it cost per session?
A. Each hour session is $30/participant.

Q. What is the minimum age to participate?
A. 14 is the minimum age. Participants under 18 require parental supervision.

Q. What if it’s my first time? Will there be instructions?
A. Yes – our expert staff is available to train you on the axe throwing experience. It’s easy to learn!

Q. How many people can participate together in one group?
A. Each lane takes up to 5 participants.

Q. Is axe throwing safe?
A. Yes. Our lanes meet the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) requirements and we have safety procedures in place to prevent risk.

Q. Is there a liability waiver to sign?
A. Yes! Please complete our waiver before you arrive.

*Close toed shoes required for axe throwing