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Party Packages

Kids’ Birthday Party

$349 for up to 10 kids


Teen Birthday Party

$299 for up to 6 teens


Adult Birthday Party

$399 for up to 10 adults


What if I have more guests than what is included in the package?

  • If you have more than 10 children for the Kids Package, each additional child is $25.
  • If you have more than 6 teens for the Teen Package, each additional teen is $35.
  • If you have more than 10 adults for the Adult Package, each additional adult is $25.
  • Please provide your best estimate of the headcount (no names needed). However don’t worry about no-shows, we will count the guests on the day of your party so you only pay for those who came.
  • For very large parties, please call us and we will help you find a suitable time to book two rooms.

Do I have to pay for adult guests for the Kids and Teen packages?

  • No

Is the birthday guest of honor included in the guest count?

  • Yes

What if younger siblings come who are too young to play on attractions?

  • Siblings who are 23 months or younger will not be counted toward the party headcount.

Can I request 2 rooms to accommodate a larger party?

  • We may be able to provide you with 2 room for an extra fee, however this not available on Saturdays.

What decorations can I bring?

  • We provide napkins, cups, plates, & cutlery.
  • You may bring your own themed tableware if you would prefer.
  • We do not allow regular tape, nail, or thumbtacks for hanging decorations on the walls or ceilings. You are welcome to use painter’s tape (which does not damage the walls).

Can I bring in an outside decorator?

  • Yes if they can be contained during your reserved party room time.

What is the arrival time for myself and for my guests?

  • You and your guests should arrive at the official start time of your party. If your party starts at 2pm, please arrive at 2pm.
  • If you purchase the Kids Package, you will get a reserved party room for the duration of your official party time, which is 1.5 hours. Here is the party flow:
  • The first 30 minutes is for arrival and set up. At this time your party host welcomes you and takes you to your party room, where we will find your tables already set up. You are welcome to add decorations according to our guidelines at this time. Meanwhile, your guests are arriving, and being directed to your party room to meet you. The kids get together and run around on the playscape or play games.
  • The second 30 minutes is for your 2 chosen attractions, guided by your party host.
  • The third 30 minutes is for pizza, cake, and happy birthday. Departure from the room is requested at the end of this phase, which is the 1.5-hour mark.
  • However, you are welcome to stay at Epic Fun as long as you wish! We do not kick anyone out of the facility. Most party parents save the game cards until this time, so the kids can continue to have fun together in a more unstructured way after their official party time is over. Parents are welcome to add money to the game cards which the kids can use toward more games or attractions.
  • We have a FULL BAR and GREAT FOOD & DRINKS for adults who wish to continue enjoying themselves in our facility! We also have more adult-oriented attractions, such as axe throwing and the Multi-Sports Suite, along with over 80 arcade games and pinballs. So have fun!

Can I bring in outside food or drink?

  • We only allow outside cake or dessert. All other food and drinks must be purchased from our restaurant.

Are there gluten or dairy free pizza options?

  • Yes!

Tell me about the pizzas

  • You get 2 large pizzas included in each birthday package, with 1 topping each. Our pizzas are delicious as they are prepared fresh and we make our own dough.
  • Pizzas have 8 slices. Kids eat 2 slices each on average.
  • Most people order 1 cheese and 1 pepperoni for the 2 pizzas in their package, but we have many options – mushrooms, olives, bell pepper, bacon, meatball, sausage, & chicken.

Can I order extra food?

  • Yes. We will give you a confirmation call on the week of your party to go cover final details. Please give us any food add-ons at this time, or at least 72 hours prior to your party.
  • Additional food may be added to your ticket on the day of your party, as available.
  • You can see our menu HERE

What is the Epic Upgrade in the Kids Package?

  • This upgrades you from a $10 to a $25 game card per child. It is a good deal because it adds $150 in game value for $50.

Can I add an attraction to my party?

    • You are welcome to add attractions a la carte, which we can load onto the game cards. Our prices are available HERE
    • Extra attractions will need to be enjoyed after your official party time.

How is the Teen Package Different from the Kids Package?

  • The Teen Package is good for smaller groups, and costs $299 for up to 6 teens. Additional teens are $35.
  • We do not guarantee a room for the teen package, depending on availability. We do guarantee reserved tables in our restaurant.
  • This option offers unlimited attractions for 2 hours. The 2 hours are less structured than the Kids package, as the teens go to the different attractions at their own pace.

Tell me about the Adult Birthday Package

  • Our mix of games and attractions is designed for all ages to have a blast, from kids to adults!
  • For the Adult Package, you get 2 attractions (Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Climbing Walls, or Mini-Bowling), plus a $25 game card, 2 large pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, and a host. If you wish to have a room rather than reserved tables in our restaurant, we recommend that you book your party for after 6pm.
  • You can add 1 hour of axe throwing, and/or 1 hour in the Multi-Sports Suite, for $50 each.

Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations must be emailed to We do not accept cancellations over the phone.
  • Your $100 deposit is non-refundable.
  • If you cancel more than 14 days prior to your reserved date, you will be charged a $50 fee in addition to your $100 deposit.
  • If you cancel 7-13 days prior to your reserved date, you will be charged a $100 fee in addition to your $100 deposit.
  • If you cancel less than 7 days prior to your party, or for no shows, you will be charged for the full amount.
  • Parties may be rescheduled one time due to illness of the child or an immediate family member. After that, the cancellation policy applies. Please note that any food items that have been added to your party, beyond the pizza included in your package, is subject to full payment if your party is canceled within 3 days of your scheduled date.